The Difference Between P-Metric/Passenger Tyres and LT/Light Truck Tyres

Owning a vehicle, be it an SUV, a light truck, or passenger car, it’s important to know about the right type of tyres. Passenger tires are designed keeping in mind the structure and characteristics of small cars, sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks. LT tires are for SUVs, smaller pickup trucks, and minivans. Whenever you buy tire online UAE from platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop, you’ll be shown tyres that properly match the vehicle’s size, weight, and model.

Know More About Passenger Tyres and Light Trucks

The important thing to know about both these tyres types is the way they are made and their engineering. LT-metric tyres are designed for rougher driving conditions, off-road conditions, and heavier loads. P-Metric tyres are for light, smooth drives and suit well for daily commuting. These tires work well in both dry and wet conditions but can’t take the beating of rough surfaces and aggressive terrains.

Passenger Tyres

A broad term, passenger tyres are further categorized into Touring, Performance, and Low Rolling Resistance Tyres. Touring tires like Yokohama’s Avid Touring S offer exceptional stability and ride quality, as well as quality wet and dry traction. Yokohama tires is among the leading brands and performs well all year round. Avid Ascend GT is another popular product by Yokohama that’s been called the next generation touring tyre, performing well in different seasons.

Rolling resistance in tyres means resisting different driving forces like wind, road conditions, and acceleration. Since rolling resistance contributes to environment and fuel efficiency, they are different than conventional tires. Yokohama’s performance tyres standout in road grip, handling, and controlled steering.

Light Truck Tyres

The heavier construction of LT/Light Trucks makes them more suitable for aggressive and rough terrains. These tyres have rigid sidewalls and deeper treads as compared to passenger tires. Anyone looking for better road handling should invest in some good quality LT tyres. Yokohama’s Light Truck tires are designed for all weather conditions, providing a blend of on and off-road performance, comfort, and safety. When buying new tyres, consult the experts at Dubai Tyre Shop as they’ll make sure you’ll get a perfect fit in terms of longevity, reliability, and year-round traction.

Wondering which tire to buy? It’s always important to consider your driving style before purchasing new tyres. If you plan on doing some heavy lifting on your light trucks then make sure to get LT-metric tyres. For some light driving that includes daily commuting, P-metric tires are sufficient. If you’re still unsure then visit Dubai Tyre Shop near you and their professionals can recommend the best tyres keeping in mind your driving habits. 

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