The Office Updates For Better User Experience On iPads

If you are from the era where solitaire was the ultimate game option and you played it after getting back home from school, we are pretty sure that you would be stuck with Microsoft Office nowadays because your practical life has officially started. In the same vein, the workforces are continuously preferring tablets in place of laptops. 

This shift of choice is accredited to the remote usage and better features on the tablets. So, when it comes down to the tablets, what can be a better choice than one and only iPad? With this being said, if you are interested in working on iPads, you must have Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 on your iPad and Microsoft is always there to revamp the user experience.

According to Microsoft, they are motivated enough to devise a technology platform that meets the diverse needs of the users. In this being, they not only outline the innovation across different Microsoft 365 solutions but they also work on the advancements. This is because they keep trying to adapt the latest capabilities and technologies for revamping the user experience.

To be honest, Microsoft Office is one of the most crucial tools for iPad users, so they can easily indulge in creating, working, and learning new content and techniques. The recently launched iPads, such as iPad Air and iPad Pro have been curated with high-end and powerful features. These features are responsible for creating higher productivity rates. 

So, recently, Microsoft has curated a variety of changes and updates in their solutions that will revamp the user experience with iPads and it will make it easier to conduct professional work on iPad. Have a look!

Trackpad & Mouse Support

Every office worker out there must be known to the ideas of using PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and all of them are receiving robust updates. This is primarily because Apple updated the iPadOS and Microsoft updates are designed to optimize the trackpad support. With this being said, the Apple users who want to use Magic Keyboard will have better cursor control, along with precise adjustments. 

In addition, it has fluid navigation. Consequently, when the iPad users move their finger across the Magic Keyboard, the cursor will be transformed into the tool that aligns with the content needs. For instance, you will be able to highlight specific passages and you can also select the cells and rows in Excel. In the case of PowerPoint, you will be able to move and customize the graphic’s size in an interactive way. 

To be honest, if you’ve been using Microsoft Office on PC or Mac, the iPad will now offer a similar user experience which makes the iPad a versatile choice. Therefore, there will be better productivity.

Updated Start Screens

First things first, Microsoft Office apps have special and highly recognized start screens. However, the recent update has enhanced the start screen as well. This is because the start screen is now easy to find and has a clean yet modern outlook. In addition, it has improved the user interface! On the other hand, if your iPad is not updating the Office, you can take it to iPad Screen Repair Adelaide and they will be able to help you out! 

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