Things to Consider before Choosing Fashion Strategist Career

Things to Consider before Choosing Fashion Strategist Career

If you wish to become a fashion brand’s strategist, an ideal way to begin your journey is to pursue a degree or at least a certificate course in fashion design. Why? Because it is essential to learn the core principles of this discipline before you start creating marketing or business strategies for a fashion brand or label.

What does the role of a fashion strategist entail?

To put it succinctly, a fashion strategist defines a brand’s image. This professional is a brand planner who describes the what, why, who, how, and where of the brand. You perceive and interact with a fashion and lifestyle label a certain way because of a strategist.

In other words, as a fashion strategist, you will answer questions like:

  • What does a fashion brand offer?
  • Who are its customers?
  • Where to engage with them?
  • How to interact and engage with them?
  • When to interact with them?
  • How to develop a connection with them?

Once you identify the answers to all these questions, you will strategise for your fashion brand. Remember, the key role of a fashion strategist is to bring a fashion brand and audience together.

Things to consider before choosing a career in fashion strategy

Here are some tips to keep in mind before beginning your journey as a fashion strategist.

Train under the right leadership

A fashion strategist is a make-or-break role for a brand. So, it should come as no surprise that the label will be looking for someone with the right skills and experience. Therefore, gain some industry experience, perhaps as an intern or a trainee, even while pursuing your certificate in fashion design and after it.

Fashion strategy is indirectly linked to brand marketing, and the best way to learn the ropes of taking your label to people is by observing what the pros are doing and assisting them in their endeavours. Working in a fashion or brand strategy team will give you robust exposure into this field and brownie points for your CV. 

Understand the relevance of digital marketing and know the tools

Digital marketing is critical to a fashion brand’s success. As a fashion strategist, you will dedicate a great deal of time and effort to formulating a social media and web strategy to engage your audiences. When campaigning on digital mediums, you will need to know the platforms most preferred by your leads, the peak time to approach them, and how to personalise your brand pitch.

Nobody is asking you to know all about digital marketing from the get-go. But, if you wish to be a fashion strategist, make sure you understand the basics and are willing to learn rapidly when on the job. 

Choose marketing and strategy electives in college

A renowned institution awarding a degree or certificate in fashion design offers core courses and electives on fashion marketing and strategy. Make sure you take as many of them as you are allowed to. These business-oriented electives will teach you the following:

  • Brand positioning
  • Identifying retail trends
  • Designing a business plan
  • Researching your target audiences
  • Engaging with your leads on various online/ offline mediums
  • Brand content planning and communication  
  • Legal attributes like understanding patents, licenses, copyrights, etc.

 And many others.

Over to you

It’s no secret that being a fashion strategist is both challenging and rewarding. So, invest at least three to five years to build and hone your skills by choosing a reputed institution like the Pearl Academy. Then, make sure you gain ample experience by working for a company within this field. 

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