Things You Need to Know About Private Security Guard Cost

When you are going to hire a security guard the first thing you check is the private security guard cost. The average cost to hire a security guard is about $35-$50 per hour. However, it mostly depends on the location, risk level and experience. Which benefits do you get while choosing a security guard?


If you have a specific security concern or risks. You want a security guard with a high possible level. The security guard that can easily handle any kind of dangerous situation. If you want to hire a high skill security guard then you can pay $60-$100 anywhere.

The best firms provide often provide services of retired or off-duty police officer or maybe an ex-military person. Such type of guards has a special kind of training to handle any kind of problem.


While hiring security guard the main thing you need to keep in mind is the time factor. If you want a security guard in day time then the cost may be decreased. In the evening or night shifts, the guards demand a high amount because night or evening security is riskier. Many robbery and kidnapping did in the night. This is the main reason of the high amount.  

Mostly you need to try that you book security guard in day time if you have a low budget. Price factor always kept in mind before any kind of dealing with security guard providing company.

Armed security guard

If you have a high-level risk than you should choose an armed guard. Armed security guard refers to one or more weapons trained defense professional to protect you. Your armed security can make sure there are no unplanned inventory losses while make you feel save. You may pay $5 per hour if you hire a licensed armed security guard. Companies that employee armed guard bear higher insurance coast.

Unarmed security guard

The unarmed security guard is chosen in the daily routine situation. It’s not for the specific critical situation. The average cost of the unarmed guard is less than $5. The unarmed security guard also trained by the security provider company but they didn’t jump in the critical situation suddenly. In high-level risk, an unarmed security guard is not secure for your life. While choosing guard you keep your all affairs and the enemy situation in mind.

Independent security guard

When you hire a security guard there is also another category which is an independent security guard.

An Independent security guard has no contact with any kind of security provider firm. They work independently for the person who hires them. They just follow your rules and have no any kind of policies. It’s better in the situation where you have a low risk of security because most such security guard is not professionally trained. They may not handle the more critical situation. The main benefit of an independent security guard is that they have no extra security charges and work freely without any kind of high command order. The cost of the independent security guard is mostly low because they didn’t cut extra charges compared to companies. If you need average security in an affordable budget then you need to choose an independent security guard.

Private security guard

Mostly those prefer private security guard when they experience from high-security threats. A private security guard is highly professional trained guards that can handle any kind of critical situation. They specially train in such an environment to provide ease to their customers. Private security guards cost is mostly high than an independent security guard. A private security guard has a contract with a firm through which you get security. Private security guard way of work may be different and strict because they kept eye on every mode. Private security guard charges are high because of the insurances, and because of the effort. If you have serious security issues then you must need to choose a private security guard for your security.

Your life security is much more important than all the things!

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