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About Orthopedics EMR

Finding a good EHR software for any practice, let alone Orthopedics, has become so difficult because of the availability of multiple options out there. Many practitioners are seen switching from one EHR to another EHR software as no software seems to fulfill their demands.

If you are also one of the many people who are currently searching for good Orthopedics EHR software, we have some great suggestions for you. After looking into Orthopedics EMR Reviews, we have picked out the 4 best EMR for Orthopedics. Before we talk about them, let’s first look at some of the EHR features that are required in this particular practice.

Features that every Orthopedics EMR should have

Good Orthopedics EMR should have basic EHR features but there are some EHR features that Orthopedic practices can not compromise on.

Specialty Specific templates: Orthopedics practices for their EMR software need to have customizable specialty-specific templates as you save a lot of time in terms of having to add irrelevant data and such. Your time spent on filing reports and finding information is minimized.

Interoperability for better diagnosis: Having this feature is quite important in Orthopedics EMR software these days. With this feature, data entry and tracking of your patient’s health in the long term becomes very easy. Data is collected by the software for all the practices and clinicians use it so that a repository of data is formed over time which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for everyone involved.

Full Customization for Ease of Use: One feature that is very important for almost every other practice let alone Orthopedics is the ability to customize everything according to users’ preference. Customization lets you manage your data according to your choice which helps improve efficiency majorly.

Other features like Coding, Billing, and E-prescriptions are also very important as they help keep the whole system streamlined and they help improve clinical as well as financial efficiency.

Top Choices For Orthopedics EMR


One software that is absolutely loved by users when it comes to Orthopedics is Drchrono. Drchrono is an all in one integrated EHR software that offers seamless integration with any software. Its outstanding EHR features include:

  • Quick Charting
  • Seamless integration
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Smart templates
  • Revenue Cycle Management

It is an excellent choice for Orthopedic practices as it caters to all of their demand. It makes sure that the whole practice runs smoothly and it gets all the tasks done. Drchrono is also very popular for its patient portal.


Another software that is users’ top favorite in Orthopedic practices is PrognoCIS. The reason why it’s so loved is its amazing features. PrognoCIS is also very popular for its billing features. Some of its top features include

  • Orthopedics surgery templates
  • Orthopedics diagnostic templates
  • Data management
  • Regular reminders and alerts
  • ICD Coding

Other than the features mentioned, PrognoCIS also has a great Patient portal, Electronic prescriptions, and scheduling tools. The software specializes in making the workplace run smoothly and efficiently.


Chartlogic is a cloud-based software that has gotten a lot of fame for its Orthopedics specific EHR features. Chartlogic is a very well known EHR software for Orthopedic Practices. Some of its key features are as follows

  • Template Builder
  • Voice Dictation
  • 90-Second Notes
  • Revenue management tools
  • Smart Dashboards

All these features help users get so many of their tasks done faster and more accurately. The whole system is streamlined with the help of Chartlogic EMR’s excellent features.


eClinicalWorks is also a great choice for Orthopedic EMR software. It has all the right tools to keep orthopedic practices running smoothly and efficiently. Some of its best features include:

  • Specialty Specific Templates
  • Interoperability solutions
  • Physical therapy assessments
  • Surgery navigator

eClinicalWorks is an outstanding EHR software that is popular for many medical specialties. If you want to know more about eClinicalWorks EMR, you can book an eClinicalWorks EMR demo on Software Finder.

Final Thoughts!

Although there are multiple different options available out there, our list has the best EMR for Orthopedics. Orthopedics EMR reviews are filled with amazing things about the mentioned EHR software. If you are currently in search of an EMR software for Orthopedics, we would recommend you to check all of the four out.

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