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Types of wood siding for exterior home decoration

wood siding

Wood siding is a natural, attractive material used to decorate and protect the exterior of a home

Some types of siding are designed to installed vertically, in a plank style. Others, such as roof tiles, lining or shingles, installed horizontally. The most common types of wood for siding are spruce, pine, larch.

Why choose wood siding?

The wood is natural, beautiful and durable, making it a popular siding option for use in traditional architecture like homes.

5 Types of Wood Siding

Overhead or side wood siding

Overhead siding created by sawing the board lengthwise in a pie shape. This creates a narrow edge on one side of the board’s length and a wide edge on the other side. The planks overlap starting with the first plank placed at the bottom of the wall. This type of siding is good at drainage, as it has no grooves that will hold and absorb moisture. Each customer decides for himself how much to overlap the boards. It recommended to paint this type of siding prior to installation on the wall.

When painting the already installed siding, how to install vinyl siding it will be difficult to paint the joints of the boards and later on, when the board dries, you will see unpainted areas.

 Wooden siding for spike groove

The cladding with such siding is versatile in the sense that it can installed horizontally, diagonally or vertically. This type of siding a popular choice for homes, as many homes paneled with cut-and-groove planks.

One long edge of the board milled to significantly narrower than the rest of the board. On the other long edge, a small groove carved into the bottom of the board. This creates an overlap on which water can form.

One of the benefits of channel siding is that it gives the timber enough room to expand and contract without compromising the structure. Partial overlap and beveled edges create an interesting shadow line.

Roughly hewn branches prized for their rustic appearance.

Sheet pile wood siding

As with tongue-and-groove siding, tongue-and-groove siding can be installed in any desired direction: vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Individual boards milled with a groove on one long edge and a matching tongue on the other long edge. The tongue and groove boards joined to create a smooth surface. It is a type of joinery used for hardwood floors, but it also used for siding.

This is one of the most reliable finishing methods, as there is continuous contact between the boards along the entire length of the boards. Most antique parquet floors made from narrow strips of oak, maple or walnut grooved boards.

Siding “Block house” or wood siding under a log

The traditional look and feel of a log house is especially popular and can create a cozy atmosphere regardless of the size of the house. Block House siding or timber log siding made from wood species such as pine, cedar, oak or larch.

Attached to the wall, they appear to be solid logs. These boards must dried prior to installation to prevent shrinkage from breaking the siding.

In most cases, a clear coat applied to keep out moisture and insects. The maintenance is similar to that of other wood siding.

Shingle siding or chipboard siding

Wood shingles are popular for siding because of their smoothness and texture. They are fairly easy to install and are preferred for irregularly shaped walls such as towers and curves. They can painted and often used in vibrant or historic colors when used in Victorian homes.

Shingles can made from any wood used for other types of siding. However, they must processed for fire resistance. Maintenance is necessary to prevent shingles from drying out and damaging them or infesting them.

Pros of wood siding:

  • beauty
  • The natural beauty of wood is highly regarded by designers and homeowners.
  • Easy to install
  • It can installed by non-professionals if they experienced enough.
  • Sustainability

With many different types of wood siding available, it’s easy to create a unique, eye-catching look for your home. Wood is a natural material that can painted or decorated with almost any color or pattern. And with proper care, wood siding will last for years. It does not require maintenance like vinyl or aluminum siding.

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