Unwrapping the Benefits of Selling Phones

Oh, thinking of selling phones! Your phone just broke out? If yes, then it is a perfect time to explore some new exciting offers. Mobileforsale.sg has come out with an exciting platform. You can now buy new and used mobile phones, Ipad, Mackbook and other gadgets at just one site.  

Sell Phones

Why mobileforsale.sg, you ask? Our customers never struggle with this question. We give the best resale value for your product. You can now exchange your device for the instant cash and also get Mobileforsale buyback iPhones at best prices. Check out best smartphones to enjoy multimedia content with big screen here.


At Mobileforsale, we also buy your used phones and exchange it for instant cash. Our experts will evaluate your phone within minutes and offer the price quotation back to you. Our company offers different features like onsite phone repair in Singaporewhich makes our organization unique and the best. 

At Mobileforsale, we offer you hundreds of used quality checked phones to choose from. We have the widest range of phones with different colours and models easily available. Many of the listed phones are in quality as good as the factory-made. Our experts have already inspected the phones with their high-end machines and years of long experience. We only put out the best mobile phones for sale. Those are the ones that cleared all quality tests. Our secure and fast payment ensures that your buying process is smooth and hassle-free. All of our listed phones ready to use instantly without any kind of service or repair required. We ensure greater customer satisfaction with phones of long life.

Our Ties

We are the proud partners with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and other big brands. We offer our customers a wide range of options to choose from.

Customer Trust

Our customers are only coming back to us but are also referring our marketplace to others because of the smooth and secure buying procedure. We are emerging as the market leader in this industry. Our company is often called the most reliable company in this field by our customers. Our edge over our competitors is the price at which we are selling the phones and the trust among our customers which we have gained over the years. We aim to achieve success not just by numbers but by achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Our marketplace ensures that both the seller and the buyer benefit from the deal. We try to understand all of your needs. Our executives are here to solve all of your doubts. Our executives will listen to you and will answer you in their soft tone.

Safety Measures for Covid -19

Your safety is our priority. During this global pandemic, we make sure that your device reaches to you with utmost safety. We promise to deliver the best DHL parcel and package services. The temperature of all of our delivery staff is regularly checked to avoid any kind of disease spread. The device is sanitized thoroughly before packing it up for delivery. Also, the packaging and the delivery boy is sanitized before and after each delivery. “YOU ARE REALLY IMPORTANT TO US”.  

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