What A Knee Surgeon Do?


Have you ever given a pause to your daily routine thoughts and think about yourself? About your body that how it works, especially the joints. Joints are so important to move the body. Without moving the body is unable to work. Knee joint lets us walk, run, jump, sit, and move from one place to another.

See so many tasks you can perform with the knee joint. Minor to severe injuries or disease can affect the functioning of the knee joint. So, to keep these joints work properly care must be given to your bones. Knee surgeons are here for us to help through these issues. They diagnose the matter bothering the knee joint and fix it either with medication or surgery if needed. A knee surgeon needs cooperation from your side to get the knee pain fixed quickly. Therefore, consult your Knee Injury doctor in Lahore if any issue arises. As it may get worse if left unnoticed.

Structure of knee joint

Let us go through the structure of the knee joint to clarify which part of the knee joint an injury or a disease could affect. The knee joint is a kind of synovial joint that permits smooth movement of bones. Its movement is like a hinge joint. The knee joint connects the thigh bone to the lower leg. However, the knee joint is made up of two compartments that are:

  • The patellofemoral part in which the patella and patellar groove are included. The patellar groove is at the front of the femur which lets joints to slide smoothly.
  • Medial and lateral tibiofemoral articulation links the femur to the tibia. The femur is the thighbone whereas the tibia is the lower leg bone.

Synovial fluid covers the joint to ensure frictionless and smooth gliding of the joint. Ligaments and muscles around the joint help in the flexion and extension of the leg. Also, these ligaments help to limit the movement of the knee joint so that it doesn’t bend too much to cause injury.

Issues regarding knee joint and their treatment by a knee surgeon

The major joint pain is regarding the knee joint. Most of the patients complain about knee pain which is due to injury or disease. Old age people are more susceptible to knee joint pain due to age factor. But these issues could be treated or lessened by appropriate treatment. Knee injuries occur when any ligament, tendons, knee bone, or joint cartilage get damaged.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL)

Such type of injury occurs when one of the ligaments that are ACL is torn. This ligament is a connection between the tibia and femur. An ACL injury is common in sportsman, especially who play basketball or soccer. The activity or sports in which direction is changed suddenly may cause this injury. The knee surgeon recommends a proper rest with a bandage around the area to compress the muscles to limit movement. Moreover, he also asks you to not lift heavy weights so that pressure does not put on the injured ligament.

Knee bone fractures

Knee bone can get damaged with a sudden hit to the joint for example in vehicle accidents or suddenly falling with knee hitting a hard surface. Osteoporosis patients are more susceptible to get knee fractures as their bones are weakened due to disease. The knee surgeon will apply plaster to limit movement so the bone remains in place and heals faster.

Tearing of meniscus

The meniscus is Rubber-like cartilage that is tough and protects the knee from shocks. It lies between the thigh and the shinbone. When you weight knee and suddenly twist it may get damage. Plaster or compression bandage is the treatment given by a knee surgeon to prevent the injured part from moving.

Bursae inflammation

Sacs are protecting outside the knee joint from friction. These small sacs are called bursae. They ensure the smooth and frictionless function of ligaments and tendons. An injury on the knee joint may inflame these sacs which could be painful. The knee surgeon recommends proper rest to soothe inflamed sacs.

Patellar tendinitis

Tendons are thick muscles that connect muscles and bones. They play a vital role in moving joints. Although tendons are thick and fibrous, they may get inflamed due to injury to the knee joint. The jumping activity or sports is the main cause of patellar tendinitis. Cyclists, runners, and skiers are more prone to get this inflammation. Patellar tendons connect the front muscles of the thigh to the tibia. Proper rest is required to soothe inflammation.

Knee cap dislocation

Knee cap dislocation occurs when the patella or knee cap displace from its position. Such an issue is usually outside and can be treated easily by a knee surgeon.


Arthritis is a common disease that occurs in people with growing age. It has many forms. Some of them are:

  • Osteoarthritis also is known as degenerative arthritis. It is very common and occurs due to wear and tear of the cartilage when the knee joint is used excessively. Mostly occur in old age people.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. It affects all the joints in the body especially the knees. This disease may get severe with time. Also, it may occur and suddenly disappear.
  • When the uric acid in the body increases, its crystals may develop in the joints. Though the big toe is mostly affected with this condition the uric acid crystals may also build in the knee joint. This is called gout.
  • Crystals accumulate in the knee joint fluid may contain calcium which causes pseudogout.
  • Septic arthritis arises due to infection in the knee joint. Pain in the knee joint develops suddenly without any trauma by Joint Replacement Surgery In Pakistan. But if such infection is left unnoticed it can cause great damage to the cartilage in the knee. Also, symptoms like redness, pain, and swelling occur.

The first and foremost struggle of a knee surgeon is to treat the pain with medication. If medicine doesn’t work and pain increases then the knee surgeon recommends partial or total knee replacement. The treatment depends on the condition of the joint.


Knee pain causes discomfort and hinders locomotion. It should be treated on time. So, a knee surgeon is always available to help you cure these issues. They know their job well and understand your problem. They diagnose and try to provide the best solution. So, go to consult a knee surgeon if any issue arises.

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