What Are Different Types of Storage Space for Rent?

We, as human beings, have the habit of storing stuff, and this, in the end, creates space issues. On the average half of the UK, population prefer to reside in the apartment, which makes them deprive of owning a garage or shed. However, there is a cost-effective solution to this problem. Seeing the difficulty individuals are facing in storing their stuff, several companies are offering storage space for rent. Various types of storage units are available so the people can store almost anything they want easily. Nevertheless, which storage unit you need to rent depends on several factors, including:

1. The budget you have to spend on the storage rent

2. Duration of goods that will stay in storage

3. The type of goods that you need to store 

Different Types of Storage Spaces for Rent

Self-Storage Units and Compartments

Self-storage units are one of the most common and rented storage facilities. It is best to rent when moving or relocating a house or office. These types of units are convenient and easy to access, and also has a variety of size options. However, you are fully responsible for the organizing and condition of the stored items. In addition, the security around the area is not strict. And the internal environment of the storage can be affected by:

  1. climate variations
  2. dampness
  3. pests
  4. mould

The prices of this type of storage facility can be expensive. However, it is best for short-terms solutions when you move from one place to another.

Storage Units with Climate Control

This type of storage facility allows the stored items to be fully protected from various types of weather conditions. This also means that the climate and humidity in the units are controlled and monitored.  But they are best for keeping valuable or precious items such as:

  1. vintage furniture
  2. classic books
  3. art pieces
  4. paintings
  5. brass ornaments

The companies who are offering this type of storage facility are supervised 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These units are underground and you can have access to it by the elevators. This feature was not available in the self-storage option. The goods can be seen during the specified daily hours. However, most companies can also meet the demands of the customers if they want to access the storage unit outside regular hours. 

Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage units are helpful when it is essential to keep stored items in the close proximity of work or residential area. In case the onsite storage space for items becomes insufficient, the excess goods can be easily kept nearby, and that is also easily accessible by the leaseholder at any time. The best thing about this type of storage facility is that they are delivered by the storage companies. When you place the items in the storage, then you have the option of either to keep it in the company’s property or transport it to the desired location.

These storage units are also booked when long-distance movements are done. And in this case, the rental companies like Hoddesdon Self Storage take full responsibility for container transport. The perils of using such storage unit are that it provides little protection against heat and cold. So the items that are sensitive should never be put in this type of storage unit. 

Boat/RV/Car Storage Sites

If you desire to keep your car safe and secure from harsh weather conditions or need one when travelling, the opting for such type of storage unit is the wise thing to do. This type of storage units is similar to the huge parking lots that have vehicles arranged in a systematic order. You can even choose to have a single storage compartment if you own a luxury car. In this storage unit, the vehicles are kept under strict supervision with maximum security. It consists of:

  1. video surveillance systems
  2. alarms against intruders

security officers patrolling the area round the clock

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