What Are The Top Ways To Apply For A 9 GEMS Scholarship?

9 GEMS Scholarship is an award-winning teaching framework that is developed by the Global Indian International School (GIIS), UAE. It is awarded for the students excelling in 9 GEMS Skills which includes: Sports/ Music/ Dance/ Instrumental Music/ Martial Arts/ Literary Competitions/ Drawing and STEM.

The 9 GEMS teaching methods offered by Global Indian International School includes; Academic excellence, Sports Excellence, Visual and performing arts, Personality development, Innovation and creativity, Entrepreneurship and leadership, Universal values and ethics, Community and care and Skills development.

The 9 GEMS is a framework for teaching that incorporates values into STEM core subjects. It essentially gives importance to learning academics and values or character-building attributes. This model is designed on the belief that children need to be raised with fully developed personalities.

The basic criteria for the 9 GEMS Scholarship are:

·         The student must be studying at the GIIS Campus UAE.

·         Students and parents must be citizens of a UAE and should possess the visa copy and Emirates ID.

·         Students should have won National or International recognition or should have excelled in any of the 9 GEMS skills.

·         Display excellent leadership skills.

How do I apply for the 9 GEMS Scholarship?

1.   Visit the Global India International School website to download or apply for the scholarship.

2.   Understand the terms and conditions mentioned for applying and the eligibility, criteria, documents, process etc.

3.   This scholarship is applicable for students between 7th-11th grades. It is valid for one year and has to be renewed every year based on the performance of the student.

4.   There are three categories A, B, and C for this scholarship and the scholarship value is 20%, 15% and 10% respectively for each category.

5.   Fill in all the required details as mentioned in the application. Ensure that there are no errors or spelling mistakes.

6.   Attach the documents which include:

·         Academic records for the past two years in PDF format.

·         Achievements in the field of Holistic space, Sports, Arts, Music (at Regional/ National/ International Level).

·         UAE resident visa copy of parent and student.

·         Emirates ID copy of parent and student.

7.   Check the deadline for submission and ensure you stick to the deadlines.

8.   Make sure that the application is completely filled with the right documents because applications which are incomplete with false documents are rejected.

9.   Once the application is submitted, students need to write a test and have an interview process.

10.   Once selected, they will be intimated through mail and the final scholarship deed will be signed.

I strongly recommend you to apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship, if you are looking out for a one because this will not only help your child to grow academically but also gives them an immense exposure to personality building activities.

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