5 Reasons React Native Is the Next Big Thing in 2021!

When an entrepreneur is planning on investing in mobile app development, her/his central area of concern is choosing the right tools and platform. An exceptional app performance, shorter development time, and efficient yet fast deployment are expected of every entrepreneur.

Since two platforms are currently prominently ruling the development field, app owners often choose between providing an incredible user experience or opting for faster development. 

But isn’t there a way that doesn’t make business owners compromise on anything? Something that develops an application quickly and with great UI? 

Well, would you believe us if we say you can easily, efficiently, and quickly develop an app for both the market rulers, i.e., Android and iOS, with one great hybrid app development framework? 

Yes, that’s right! As a hybrid mobile app development company in the UK, we can tell you that the hybrid development field has been evolving with remarkable frameworks and technologies launching every then and now. One of these brilliant technologies, actively used by many developers and companies, is React Native. 

It provides ease of development in creating complex hybrid applications with native abilities. 


What is React Native? 

React Native is a hybrid app development framework launched in 2015 by Facebook. The framework enjoys massive popularity ever since it has been launched. Big brands such as Instagram, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Wix, and Bloomberg have developed their application using React Native. These apps are the most outstanding examples of the framework’s ability to handle massive data yet provide an incredible user experience. 

An application backed by React Native would most definitely enjoy a stable position in the competitive market with industrial abilities and a laudable feature set, thus getting an edge over others.

The primary reason behind the continuous success of React Native is the seamless performance, reliability, portability, and Javascript to support. Instead of developing for each platform using separate programming languages, we can create one application for all platforms offering native speed and incredible performance with one of the universal languages ever! JavaScript! 

Since it holds such eminent functionalities, React Native has forced us to believe that it is here to rule 2021. 

What supports our claim? Let’s discuss: 

Lower development cost and time:

The amazing hybrid app development framework allows the transfer of the code between multiple mobile platforms. In simpler words, you can say that an application developed particularly for iOS can be easily compiled to work with the same functioning and aesthetics for Android. 

Since the developer is required to code just once, it takes less time to develop an application for both platforms. More than 90% of the code can be reused to work the same on Android and iOS.

Moreover, if you can minimize the development time, the cost of your project will also gradually decrease, which is indeed beneficial for every business owner. 

Simple and Easy to Maintain:

With the evolution of a native framework, the API associated with it grows as well. If your application is built on a native framework, the whole development and maintenance process can be too time-consuming for you. However, the flexible approach React Native holds makes the maintenance of the entire application easy, cost-effective, and straightforward. 

Better cross-device user experience:

Earlier mobile app developers had very few devices to be worried about. However, now we can see new iOS and Android devices emerging every day. This could have been a bit concerning for mobile app developers if it weren’t for React Native. The framework utilizes fully-optimized and flexible layout engines that provide excellent compatibility in all devices regardless of the screen size they possess. Apps built with React Native adjusts to all screen resolutions while supporting brilliant HD graphics. 


Dynamic Reusable platform Components:

Some applications focus mostly on branding unique to their idea, while they ignore the platform related integrations. The task is hard to carry out while developing Natively but is easier in React Native. 

However, this does not mean you will have to compromise in providing your application the looks and feels of a native application; React Native takes care of that. The design can be altered and made to meet each platform’s needs while maintaining your brand’s vision. 

The components used in iOS or Android have their equivalents in React Native as well, which makes it easy to maintain consistency in an application’s functioning and aesthetics when launched on different platforms. 

Even famous libraries automatically adjust themselves to match the target platform. This allows you to enjoy an agile and smooth development process. 

Documentation on the Fingertips:

Another significant aspect of developing with React Native is that all help is readily available. If you stumble upon a doubt, take help from numerous tutorials or articles written on the subject. You can also turn to the extensive community of hybrid app developers or check out some big projects that have gone live on the internet. 


As a hybrid mobile app development company in the UK, we can surely tell that React Native is suitable for your next hybrid application. Since it is one of the best options available in the market and popular brands like Uber, Airbnb, Instagram, and many others have put their faith in the framework. 

It develops fast, provides excellent user experience, and is more affordable. There is nothing to be skeptical about React Native. 

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