Which Country Has the Most Online Slots Sites?

Which Country Has the Most Online Slots Sites?

Online slots are the most popular form of online casino game in most countries of the world, according to statistical analysis. So it would make sense that most countries would have more casino sites like Top10slotgames offering online slots than any other form of online casino game. 

If we assume this to be true, we can also assume that the country that has the most online slots site is therefore the KING of slots. But where is it? 

Could it be the USA, the country with a rich history in slot games having had Charles Fey invent the very first slot machine all the way back in 1899. Could it be the UK, for all of the slots culture that we have here? Or could it be the dark horse, Australia? Those guys love online slots. Even Ireland, with all of its Irish luck? 

Or, could it even be a country that completely takes us by surprise? Stick with us while we find out which country has the most online slots, therefore being crowned the King of online slot games. 

The Country with the Most Online Slots 

According to our research, the country that has the most in number, and the most popular casino sites, for both slots and other forms of online casino, is actually the UK! But that’s not by a huge amount at all. The USA is close behind, as well as Australia and even Singapore. 

Ireland gets in a look in too, but a lot of what appears to be an Irish site is actually a UK or American site that is Irish themed. 

Interestingly, however, the country that has the most slots players in comparison to its overall population is Australia, as a huge 80% of Australians participate in some form of online gambling compared to just over half in the UK. 

Australia does have a much smaller population than the UK, though, so it could be said that if the populations were more equal, Australia would have more slots sites, and could therefore be crowned the Kings of online slot games. 

Does this Make this Country the Real King of Online Slots 

It’s hard to define, but we think that the UK and Australia are pretty neck and neck when it comes to the race of who is the King of online slots. Australia seem to be more keen players on average, yet the UK puts more slot games out there for players to player, so it’s a nice dynamic between the two countries of the Commonwealth. 

How long will these Countries Reign Supreme? 

It appears to be the case that the UK has been putting out the most online slot sites and that Australia has been playing the most slots per person for quite a few years, so we fail to see that this will change any time soon. As a result of this, we can conclude that the UK and Australia will reign supreme for quite a bit more time to come.

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