Why Hiring Unarmed Security Guard Near Me Is Essential During Covid-19?

unarmed security guard near me

Covid-19 has changed our lives drastically. Things that didn’t hold significant importance in our lives have now become mandatory. This also includes the need for increased security services. As the shops and businesses are slowly opening, safety is more crucial than ever. Below are some of the valid reasons for hiring an unarmed security guard near me during this unprecedented time. 


Recently hospitals are experiencing difficulties as a huge influx of individuals visit it every day. Although it is advised by the government to stay home if you don’t feel any symptoms, still many visit hospitals. At this point, security guards can assist in keeping people safe by enforcing social distancing rules and to cover their faces. There are some areas designated for particular patients to manage the crowd, and officers can direct them in the right way. 


Another important place that requires this service is marketplaces. These places are mostly overcrowded. Now that with the safety precaution of maintaining a 6ft distance between ourselves, crowded markets create a problem. However, the stores have implemented changes in allowing the entry of certain amounts of people inside and having the shoppers line up outside while maintaining distance and changing functioning hours. Some even have the temperature check before they can enter the shop. All of this can be properly monitor and manage by hiring additional security guards.

Businesses unarmed security guard near me

Businesses like hotels and schools are close at the moment. There are not allowing visitors or students to attend these places at the moment. However, there may be some staff or faculty visiting. And this also does not mean that the vandalism or theft will not occur, and with the shutdown, these businesses are vulnerable to the crime to happen. Security guard services can help guard these areas and people safe from any sort of harm. Businesses operating in the areas where there is less activity and have empty streets most of the time makes it highly vulnerable. That is why hiring security guard services help protect them and their businesses.

Parks and Beaches unarmed security guard near me

Areas that are overcrowd ultimately leads to the spread of Covid-19 quickly, and these include public parks and beaches. People are told to avoid these areas to prevent overcrowding. Despite several efforts to keep people home, few people are a nuisance and still wander to the beaches and parks. Especially when the temperature is high more and more people go to the beaches. Sometimes sealing the area with tapes is not enough and requires the deployment of security guards or police officers. They can monitor these areas vigilantly. They help in reminding the people that these specific areas are closed, and it is better to go home to prevent the spread. When security officers are monitoring such places, it will likely discourage the more people from venturing to beaches and parks.

During these uncertain times, hospital workers, office employees, shops, etc. require security officers to be at the frontline and keep us safe and protected. We can also help this security personnel by staying at home until it is necessary to go out. In the event of visiting the office, hospital, or grocery stores, you should always wear a mask, keep sanitizer, and maintain a safe distance. Not only during these times, but security officers have also always been there to protect us and keep our premises safe. There mission and purposes stay the same during all the times and even more so now. 

However, it is crucial that you need to make sure they are reputable and trustworthy to perform the job before hiring a company for security purposes. Hiring immature security personnel will increase your stress instead of mitigating it. Keep that in mind and then begin your search for a company.

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