Why It is Important to Have a Smooth Paving Manchester?

Research conducted on asphalt paving Manchester has shown that the pavement smoothness is directly associated with the quality of ride and aesthetics. However, there is one other important factor, and that is smooth pavement increases the life duration of the surface. It tends to last you longer without causing any issues. 

Some of the Main Reasons for Having Smooth Paving Manchester

Ride Quality

If you observe that the vehicles like cars or trucks are bumping or bouncing because or pits and holes of uneven surface, you need to take quick action. Studies have revealed that more smooth the asphalt surface is the more it will last longer. The vehicles that are bouncing in your parking lot is something not to be overlooked as it is accelerating the deterioration process. Why not look here

Heavy traffic of vehicles tends to put extra pressure on the pavement. Plus, the bouncing of the cars increases the pressure on the pavement along with the car weight and this a lethal combination. However, don’t worry, we have good news for you. When you improve the pavement by 25%, it results in increasing the 10% life of the pavement. So in a nutshell, no more bouncing mitigates the rapid deterioration. 

An experienced paving contractor like LD Paving will make sure that your paving is smooth by fixing all the dents and holes of the parking lot. They begin with the base with the aggregate construction, then compacting and seal coating. You need to remember that if you want your asphalt parking lot to last for years to come, it needs to be properly maintained by keeping up with regular seal coating and pothole repairs.


When we talk about the potholes, a single glance at your parking lot can tell whether your asphalt paving is deteriorating quickly or not. The potholes are usually caused by the water penetrating the surface and then expanding and contracting. Potholes tend to weaken the structure of the surface. The weak spots cannot bear the pressure of the cars and trucks and when these pass over the roadway starts to breakdown, thus causing the material to be displaced or broken down leading to potholes. 

You need to upkeep with the pothole repairs as this will help you in maintaining and protecting your parking lot. This reduces the acceleration of the damage and erosion caused to the sub-base. So what is the process used by the paving contractors to repair potholes? Below are the six steps that the paving contractor will take to ensure a long-lasting pothole repair:

1. Set boundaries to have traffic control measures.

2. Mark the specific area that needs to be removed.

3. Prepare the pothole.

4. Apply tack to sides and bottom.

5. Place Hot Mix Asphalt above and the surrounding pavement

6. Seal the edges of the pothole, and you are good to go!

The last step that is included in the smooth asphalt pavement service includes lower fuel consumption. When the pavement is smooth, the visitors can save on fuel consumption. Also, several studies have shown that the combination of lower fuel consumption and smooth pavement mostly refers to highway driving. In addition, asphalt is an economical, eco-friendly, quick to construct material for parking lots. On average, more than 85% of the parking lots have been constructed using asphalt.

If you want to have a smooth, pothole-free and long-lasting pavement, then contact the professional paving contractor.

About LD Paving and Sealcoating

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